Raeez Lorgat

I'm a resident research fellow in mathematical physics (~physical mathematics~) at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

I variously try to read, swim, climb, hike, surf, program, photograph, play Sabar with MIT's Senegalese drum ensemble, tell stories, sometimes in writing and more recently, by making movies—and on good days do mathematics. Online I'm @raeez and @radix26 on Twitter, @raeez on Instagram and—though rarely—haunt Quora and Stack Overflow.

Atop Table Mountain

I grew up in Cape Town in South Africa, where a science project catalyzed a move to Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. There I learned some mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science and music at MIT.

The Charles at twilight, dividing Boston and Cambridge, MA

I'm interested in the geometric representation theory of quantum integrable systems, especially in light of foundational questions in high energy physics.

The Hopf Fibration

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